At Your Service

  • Hair Cut & Blow Dry
  • Blow dry to Oh, my! Get it cut, styled, washed and dried by yours truly. Turn your hair into a work of art! Consultations are always free.

    $50 and up.

  • UpDo & UpStyle
  • Turn it up a notch! Make sure to tune up before you turn up. I've got a few tricks up my sleeves. Consultations are always free.

    $50 and up.

  • Highlights
  • Lighten up or darken down. Wherever you are, be the highlight of the event! Consultations are always free.

    $90 and up.

  • Colour!
  • Find your true colours! When you flaunt a masterpiece, make sure to find the right shades to match! Consultations are always free.

    $50 and up.

  • Perms
  • Put a spring in your step and curls on your head. Liven it up with perms. Consultations are always free.

    $70 and up.

  • Straighten
  • Straight and sleek. Straighten up and shake it out. Consultations are always free.

    $60 and up.

  • French Braid
  • Ooh la la! Get it made with french braids. Consultations are always free.

    $45 and up.

  • Men's Cuts
  • Stay sharp or let loose. Find the perfect gentleman's cut that suits your best qualities. Consultations are always free.


About Your Stylist

I see a face and instinctively know how the hair should work. Great hair is good art.

Since 1973, I've been working with hair. At 11 years old I began working under various hair stylists: servicing shampooing, and cleaning. At 17, I began practicing cutting hair with proper blow drying, mixing colours and practicing updos as well as learning to work with various skin tone and colour. At 20, I arrived in Toronto.

From 1982 to 1984 I worked at Salon Po Po Salon. From '84 to '91 I worked for Michelle St. Laurent. I opened Samir Unisex Hair Design at 36 Church St in 1984. I moved to 36 Toronto St in 1996 where I'm still doing business.

I've designed hair for Fashion Television, Eaton Center, and Ann Rohmer from City TV’s Breakfast Television.


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36 Toronto St, Lower Level
Toronto, ON M5C 2C5

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9:30AM to 7PM

Saturday and Sunday by Appointment only.